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How to Win Lottery Lotto Numbers by Using the Frequency Theory

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If you want to win lottery lotto numbers, then read this. You will learn tips to pick better lotto numbers.

Winning lottery requires the understanding of two main theories in lottery games. The first one is called ‘Frequency Theory’ and the second one is called ‘The law of Averages Theory’.

The frequency theory has been verified to be very substantive. It has been proved that according to this theory there are chances that the numbers that were more common in the previous results are more likely to be present in future drawings as well. Such frequent numbers are generally known as ‘hot numbers’. This frequency theory is recommended for the pick 3 and Pick 4 games.

The concept of frequency theory might sound surprising to most of the players as they might feel that all numbers have equal chances of hitting in the drawings of lottery games. But the reports regarding this theory bear testimony to the fact that certain hot numbers have better chances of winning than certain numbers generally known as ‘cold numbers’. These cold numbers are the numbers that have had the least chances of hitting in the previous drawings.

The ‘law of averages theory’ on the contrary lay emphasis on selecting ‘cold numbers’ as it believes that the cold numbers will most probably hit in the future drawings of the lottery games. Hence we come to the conclusion that there are two different and opposite areas of thought in lottery system. Studies have also revealed that the ‘law of averages theory’ is as true as the Frequency theory. It has been proved that both the ‘hot numbers’ and the ‘cold numbers’ will eventually prove to be great for the Pick 3and pick 4 lottery games.

Therefore for winning lottery and achieving great success you need to choose your numbers from both hot as well as from cold. So instead of adhering to just one type of numbers you should opt for both these numbers and you will increase your winning chances.

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